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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the parole board, david. >> reporter: different reactions around the kentry and world, o.j. simpson will soon be a freeman, authorities are not saying specifically when that will happen. it was originally a three three-year sentence, of course , he served nine years after he went in forearmed robbery. >> grant your parole. >> reporter: zero seven year-old o.j. simpson will leave prison after nearly nine years behind bars. simpson looking thinner and older then did he in his last parole hearing but put his head down and appeared emotional when four parole members announced their vote to let him out. >> i do grant parole and that will be complete. >> reporter: simpson testified via video conference where he apologized for an armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers back in 2007. >> i'm sorry it happened, i'm sorry. >> reporter: authorities believe simpson is low risk to rio fend and he has stable release plans.
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simpson was surrounded by his attorney and several supporters, including the victim bruce fromman, his sister and his daughter arn el who pleaded for his freedom. >> i know that he is is remorseful, he is truly remorseful and we want him to come home so we can move forward. >> reporter: simpson told board he completed a victim's empathy course behind bars but did not complete a substance abuse class he previously said he would. he praised the course on dealing with violence. >> i think it is most important course anybody in this prison can take, to see how to deal with conflict, to conversation, i have been asked, many, many times here to mediate conflictings between individuals and groups >> reporter: earliest that he can get out is october 1st, and it is important to point out that this has nothing to do with the 1994 murders of simpson's wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. coming up tonight at 6:00 hear from one of the armed robbery victims in this specific 2007
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case and how he came on o.j. simpson's aid. >> david, thank you for. that we will see you then. it has been a long road for simpson. he has had a number of legal issues over the years. >> june 12th, 1994 nicole brown simpson and her friend ronald goldman were murdered outside nicole brown simpson's condo in los angeles. next day o.j. simpson is questioned. on june 17th he lead police on the infamous broncho chase and ultimately arrested and charged with the murders. july 22nd of that year, he pled not guilty to those murder charges and in october of 1994, he is found not guilty. in 1997, jury finds owe. o.j. simpson civilly liable for murders and ordered to pay 25 million-dollar in punitive damages. fast forward to september 2007 where surveillance footage shows o.j. simpson and a group of people, walking out of a hotel with boxes of sports
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memorabilia, and in december of 2008, a judge ordered simpson to jail, for robbery. our coverage of the o.j. simpson's parole continues throughout our newscast, simpson's former famous house guest kato kaelin will weigh in at 5:15. fortune perry junior joins us in the studio and analyze today's decision and, tell what you could land simpson back in jail. our other big story tonight excessive heat, we are in the middle of the heat wave with temperatures that feel like the triple digits. it is certainly a perfect beach day. shore is one place to cool off thanks to the sea breeze, ocean city, packed this afternoon. excessive heat warning is in effect right now, meteorologist chelsea ingram, tracking temperatures from the cbs-3 sky deck. >> that is right, excessive heat warning in place, all the way through the 8:00 o'clock hour tomorrow evening, so we could see heat index values easily over 100 degrees across many locations in the delaware
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valley. take a look at this graphic, areas in the pink are won under that excessive heat warning, as we head into the day tomorrow. now temperatures are well into the 90's at this hour, and right now we're checking in easily in the 90's in philadelphia, we have a temperature right around 94 degrees. factoring in that combination of both heat and humidity, you bet, it feels a lot warmer out there. we're talking about heat index values even at this hour that are well into the 90's, upper 90's and close to around 100 degrees in many locations and especially in portions of southern new jersey right around 102, what it feels like for places like millville. we will have risk as we head in the rest of the evening hour for shower and thunderstorm especially for areas north of philadelphia, we will talk more about that and when you can expect to see relief from the heat and humidity coming up in just a bit. for now, back to you. investigators are searching for more possible evidence that the bucks county farm that four bodies were
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found last week. chopper three over the scene this morning in solebury township, philadelphia police department's k-9 unit cyst ted in that search. bucks county district attorney 's office says farm is still considered a crime scene , although it could be released back to the owners real soon. one of the victims of the bucks county killings has been laid to rest, and another will be remembered at a memorial service tonight. funeral mass for thomas meo was held this morning at saint anslam church in northeast philadelphia memorial gathering for mark sturgis begins at 7:00 at fleuhr funeral home in bensalem. septa released video of a shooting that took place last night in kensington. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff is at police headquarters and they spoke to police about why they are choice go to release these so soon. >> reporter: they told me septa police officers were on their way to a reported shoot offering a woman near somerset el station when a neighbor
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pointed down the block to a potential suspect. but before all of that they turned on the body cams use that recorded the moment you where to see, watch and listen >> hand down. >> reporter: freezing body camera video right here, zooming new can barely make out a man extending his hand toward officers. police say he is pointing a gun they recovered at him and then his own head and then back. seven officers fired, four from philadelphia police without body cameras and three from septa police wearing body cameras. >> i think that if we take the step to get body cameras for office are, i think we have to provide that video for the public. >> reporter: that is why septa chief tom nestel is releasing video, less than 24 hours after it happen. the fact that all three of his officers who fired recorded video and that the video is already available, stand in contrast to is what playing out in minneapolis right now. there justin diamond an
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australian immigrant was shot and killed, body cameras in that case were not turned on. >> we put a camera on a officer's chest and we tell every officer we expect to you turn it on, when you see a critical incident. >> reporter: he says it took some training. >> somebody got shot down here >> reporter: but now everyone knows the deal. >> we have mandated that as soon as a radio call goes out and a officer respond by radio , here he or she is to activate their camera regardless of how far away they are and that cameras rolling, and it has worked pretty well for us. >> reporter: philadelphia police, that is the department leading this investigation, actually just identified the suspect police shot jose lebron, he is now charged with attempted murder with several other related charges. would the man he is accused of shooting is in critical condition, he is in stable condition and we will continue to track this investigation, for you. live from septa police headquarters, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also another disturbing crime in philadelphia, a mother and daughter were
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stabbed, overnight on the 2700 block of daily terrace, in south philadelphia. the 48 year-old mother died, her 21 year-old daughter is in critical condition, police continued to search for the suspect, whom they believe is the daughter's ex-boyfriend. police say that the suspect motive was possibly tied to a bad break up. in delaware county gunman who shot and wounded folcroft police officer chris dorman learned his fate today. judge sentenced daunte island to between 33 and 100 years in prison. last month he pleaded guilty to attempted murder. island shot officer dorman seven times, when he responded to reports of drug activity, behind a apartments on elmwood avenue last june. officer dorman is recovering and is back on the job. word of encourage. continue to pour in for arizona senator john mccain. >> the six term republican is in a battle for his life after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. the senate chaplain offered prayers for senator mccain as the chamber convened.
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law makers from both side of the aisle are wishing him a speedy recovery. >> from the bottom of my hearty wish him and his family well, so does every member of this chamber the respect that this man has is broad and deep >> i cannot think of anything i have done, any fight i have been in i have not been there with him or he has been there with me and i started to go down that road a little bit and he said don't do that. >> eighty year-old mccain has had surgery last week to remove a blood clot above his eyes. doctors say an analysis of the clot revealed cancer. earl they're morning senator mccain tweeted i greatly appreciate outpouring of the support, unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i will be back soon so stand by. senator mccain has glioblastoma a brain cancer that can be very deadly. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the disease, treatments and outcome. >> reporter: lots to tell but here. senator mccain is said nobody good spirits, recovering from surgery at home in arizona still no announcement on what
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is next, in terms of the treatments or returning to washington, but doctors say that this cancer is deadly serious. glioblastoma is an aggressive form of brain cancer, average patient survives about 15 months. senator john mccain was diagnosed following surgery to remove a blood cloth above his left eye caused by the tumor. >> tumor, they make their own blood vessels. >> reporter: doctor michael weaver the head of the neurology at temple say standard treatment is surgery chemotherapy and radiation and there has been some success using experimental treatments. >> in the last three decade we have increased survival by three months. >> in the case of mr. comey, president comey. >> reporter: senator mccain complained of being fatigue but many wonder if the brain tumor caused forgetfulness during the hearing. >> it played some role in his confusion or just not being as sharp as he usually was.
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>> reporter: glioblastoma increases pressure which causes symptoms like headache, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, mccain has faced cancer scars before, he has had four melanomas, most serious form of skin cancer and now, the glioblastoma. >> he has had two cancer, he has melanoma which is hopefully controlled and now he has a primary brain tumor. >> reporter: eighty year-old senator is known for being a tough fighter, former navy pilot endured five and a half years as a prisoner of war, 34 years in the u.s. congress, and two runs for president, he is currently weighing his next treatment options with his family and doctors, and has vowed to be back in congress soon. >> where he is in for the fight of his life. >> glioblastoma is same type of cans their killed senator ted kennedy and beau biden, former delaware attorney general and son of the joe biden. it is not known what cause is it but elderly are more at risk. they tell us about 12,000 of these cases diagnosed every year. >> okay.
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thanks, stephanie. earlier this month we told you that senator mccain thinks years recipient of the liberty medal, it is unclear if his cancer diagnosis will prevent him from being able to accept the award, in person at the october ceremony. well, coming up on "eyewitness news" president targets attorney general jeff sessions, basically saying he regrets hiring him, but what sessions has to say about it and how investigation into possible russian connections to the administration is moving forward a 5:30. unbelievable video car sitting in the middle of the road, smashed thankfully no one was killed but we will tell you what investigators say happened. it is convenient when wifi service pops up on your device but experts warn in the to be so quick to connect, latest scam in our next
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o.j. simpson granted parole, we watched it live right here on cbs-3. this is after serving time forearmed robbery in nevada. entertainment tonight crew where is at today's hearing and got reaction from someone who will forever linked to simpson, nancy odell joins with us that part of our coverage. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, that is kato kaelin o.j.'s former house guest who
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testified in the trial of the century. michelle turner was at the hearing and has kato's hearing >> if you watched here with kato kaelin who testified, in the criminal trial. >> knowing from what i have heard before i thought he was going to be paroled. it is not, it is not a shock to me or surprise to me at all >> it is, you know, the o.j. voice. >> yeah, it is chilling. >> reporter: simpson will serve minimum nine years of the three three-year sentence. >> i have done my time. i would just like to get back to my family, friend. believe it or not i do have some real friend. >> we asked kato what he thinks o.j. should do with his life now? hear kato's interesting response tonight on et, ukee and jessica, back to you. >> nancy, thanks. for more on the simpson parole hearing and all of your hollywood news, catch entertainment tonight at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. we are following a developing story in malvern, chester county right now. police are searching the house
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of missing mother anna, for clues to her disappearance. it is happening on hedge grow lane. chopper three over the scene. four three-year old disappeared after leaving for work on april 10th, no arrests have been made in the case. we of course will continue to follow this, story. chelsea ingram joins us now to take us through our forecast for coming days, and, everyone, i have talk to everybody, is talking about how hot it is. >> it is hard to find relief from the heat. i think i have some in the seven day forecast but now we have something else to talk about too, not just severe thunderstorm watch. we will get to. that first lets cover heat. we have excessive heat warning , in place now and will remain in place all the way through 8:00 o'clock hour tomorrow evening. we could see heat index values upward of 105 degrees and some locations across the delaware valley especially in philadelphia and surrounding counties on the map in the pink color. we are well in the 90's even at this hour, it is 94 degrees
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in philadelphia, 92 in allentown. ninety-four in trenton. ninety-one in millville. we have 93 degrees in wilmington. you can find relief down the shore with the sea breeze, temperatures in ocean city in the mid 80's. that sound much better. stone harbor not bad at 90. 91 degrees warmer in cape may. factoring in that combination of the heat and humidity, of course, it feels much, much warmer out there feels like a record high for today in philadelphia of 99 degrees. feels in the triple digits in wilmington at 101. feels like 102 for places like millville and 100 in atlantic city. as we head into tomorrow you have to find a way to cool off from the heat. you can do that by jumping in the pool. it will be hot out there more excessive heat on the way. high temperature of 96 degrees it will feel much warmer then that. it will feel in the triple digits for many location as cross the delaware valley as we head into friday. see a matinee, go to the mall, fun way to cool yourself down or get inside in air
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conditioning. on saturday, it is still very uncomfortable, and still feel in the mid 90's. we are quiet on storm scan three but looking up to the north, making its way to the poconos very strong line of showers, and thunderstorms, and it will be pressing down to the south ande, and it is producing some very gusty wind , and extremely heavy downpours and perhaps even some hail in some locations but for that reason we have a severe thunderstorm watch that has been issued pretty much from philadelphia and points northward, until the 10:00 o'clock hour tonight so i will track these storms as they make their way toward the south ande potentially making their way in center city. better chance for showers and storms between eight and 10:00 s north of philadelphia and then also east in northern new jersey and then into new york but by 10 or 11:00 o'clock hour things wind down. we will deal with partly cloudy skies to start off your day on friday and it will be another scorcher as we head in the afternoon, but those heat index values climbing, and
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climbing, and down the shore that is where you can find relief as we head into tomorrow but we will that have hot sand for sure, sunshine high temperature of 90 degrees n the 80's this weekend. risk for shower or thunderstorm around. here's your forecast. 78 degrees. we will be near 80 overnight. very lit until wait of relief. it will be muggy and warm. as we head into tomorrow look for a high of 96 with scorching sunshine. now take a look at your seven day forecast, again, not much relief even as we head in the weekend, we will see temperatures in the 90's, watch out for saturday night for strong thunderstorms. ninety-three on sunday. ninety on monday. is there your relief, halleluiah, on tuesday, 80's, and that sound good. >> all right. can i get a amen up in here. >> thank you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" are you connected to wif i? we will tell but a wifi scam experts are warning about. star wars fans this is for you, new twist for your kid that you may want to check out as well, don.
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summer vacation plans that cannot be beat, how a group of girls in delaware county are getting ready to take on the world, sports coming up
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over 95 northbound in lower chichester, delaware state line, a box truck, caught fire, there on the shoulder, you can see it, fire has been extinguished but traffic is delayed in the area keep that in mind. >> yes. >> don bell joins with us sports, little won doing big things. >> yes, could not say it better than that. >> perfect. >> good stuff. hits keep coming for a group of girls in delaware county. while many of their age are chilling in the sun for summer vacation this determined crew is gearing up for the world stage. it is a special time for softball in ridley for first time ever, the ridley babe ruth league will send three teams to the world series.
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>> we have been here for years it goes back 50, 60 years. what we have done in the last few years is branched off, to be able to give the girls more softball, you know, softball. >> reporter: program has thrived, it will send in eight , 10, and 12 and under teams to face some of the best in the country, and the world. it is a trip that will cost a lot of money that was overwhelming part when i first got that call that was first thing that crossed my mind. we have done a lot of fund raising. >> we have done fund raising and we will do rita's and car wash. >> reporter: it is an experience. it takes hard work to do fund raising to get where we have to get to. >> reporter: some girls look familiar to playing teams from texas or china and others have a local rival on their mind. >> audubon. >> audubon. >> okay. >> why? >> because we have add chance to beat them. >> others aren't worried about who they will play there will
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be a lot of good teams there and we're a good team but they are going to be really good, and i just want to have fun. >> as for how they will do. >> i believe that we will win, i believe that we will win. >> yes, go. >> i believe that we will win. >> i love that. >> what will we do now. >> exactly. >> if you want to help girls get to the world series go to the web site at cbs is there a link to their go fund me page and they have a few fundraisers over next couple of days. so lets send them over to the world seer is. >> great, good stuff, thanks, buddy, appreciate it. coming up next amazing video from space see the solar flare that lasted for two hours. also o.j. simpson granted parole a local leg expert talks about what is next and what could land o.j. simpson back in jail. horrifying crash caught on camera, just amazing, no one was killed, we will tell what you happened to cause this collision, when we come
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your news continues at 5:30. here's is what happening. septa police released body cam footage of the police shooting from last night suspect was shot multiple times by officers in kensington and the suspect is now charged with attempted murder and is in stable condition, woman accused of shooting is listed in critical condition. junior john mccain tweets i will be back soon, as the six term republican is home in arizona have being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye and doctors say an analysis revealed the cancer. o.j. simpson will soon be a freeman, the one time double murder suspect was granted parole today in nevada after serving more than eight years forearmed robbery. he could be out of prison as soon as october 1st. good evening, i'm ukee
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washington. i'm jessica dean. simpson got four votes he needed from the parole commissioner who heard his case today. the commission was in carson city, nevada. simpson testified from the lovelock correctional facility in nevada a two hour drive away. >> right now, i'm at a point in my life where all i want to does spend as much time as i can with my children and my friends, and i don't look to be involved with the media i have had so many offers for interviews, when i'm in here and lovelock and i have turned them all down. i'm not interested in any of that. i have done my time. >> in agreeing to release him parole commissioner cited his lack of prior convictions, low risk he might commit another crime as well as hi community support and plans after his release. joining us tay town about that is criminal defense attorney fortune perry, junior.
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thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> we hear this on cbs-3. a lot of people watch. let's start with is this surprising in all of your years at work. >> it wasn't surprising to me at all. if you look back a few years ago he was paroled on five of the 12 counts that he was originally sentenced on, when he received the sentence of i believe it was sentence of nine to 33 years. so i think today was more, although board still had to vote, it was more of a formality. >> board told o.j. don't mess up what kind of things could send him back when it comes to violating parole. >> issues, there are technical violations and direct violations. technical violations could be not reporting, as required, maybe having a drug test, failed drug test or maybe being around other convicted felons. those would be technical violations. direct violation would be, a new arrest or a charge that would send him right back to a
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state facility. >> to that end if you were counseling him, what would you say to him, okay, october it looks like, that is when he might get out. what would you say to him, here's what i would recommend do you for the next, six months to a year. >> i say to most of my clients that will listen to me when you are out on parole, probation, you have to act like you are kind of walking around in your own prison cell you give autopsy lot of rights that you would have if you were not on probation and parole. because of that there air lot of things you need walk away from, stay away from. if you work, go to work. if somebody wants to argue with you, when you are driving down the street, someone beeps your horn, you just to have ignore everyone and go burr own business. >> with that being said, i was thinking abouting from prison to the real world, that can be a challenge, do you think it will be a challenge for o.j. simpson, and if so how much so >> it certainly could be a lieutenant of things have changed in nine years since he has been away.
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you have to look at his age now. he is 70 years old. he will not do a whole lot of bouncing around. i think he will play a lot of golf, hang around with his children. he has a couple friends. he is trying to set up his residence in the west coast of florida. he will stay out of trouble over there. this last thing that had him, incarcerated, i mean that was dumbest thing he could have done so i cannot imagine he will do something stupid like that again. >> he said he does not want to any interviews. everybody will be clam touring talk to him h your advice to him would be, don't talk. >> keep your mouth shut, keep your mouth shut, go for a walk , keep your mouth shut. >> fred, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the simpson's parole, we will keep you up to date on the process and very latest developments anytime at cbs in washington president trump issues a warning for special counsel now leading the investigation into the
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russian election meddling. this comes as attorney general jeff sessions respond to the president's negative reviews of his performance. attorney general jeff sessions , isn't planning to hand in his resignation. >> we love this job, we love this department. i plan to continue to do so, as long as that is appropriate >> reporter: white house insists that president trump is not trying to force sessions out. >> clearly he has confidence in him or he would not be the attorney general. >> reporter: on wednesday president trump vented his frustration to the new york times about sessions reducing himself from the investigation into russian meddling in the u.s. election. >> if he was going to recues himself he should have told me and i would have pick somebody else. >> reporter: president spoke about special counsel robert muhler now leading the department of justice investigation into meddling and possible ties between mr. trump's associates and moscow. the president told the times muhler should not investigate his family financial dealings
5:36 pm
and asked if that was going to cross a red line. >> would i say yes, i saw a lot of comments, but who knows i don't see it. >> president cannot start drawing red lines. muhler has a right continue on investigate this. >> reporter: lawmakers conducting their own investigation has invited, donald trump junior and paul manafort to publishly testify next week about a meeting they had with the russian lawyer last year. >> they don't voluntarily come they will be subpoenaed. >> reporter: president's son in law and senior advisor jared kushner was also present at that meeting. he will speak to senate investigators behind closed doors on monday. today jared kushner was on capitol hill for meeting with senator lindsey graham about health care and immigration. president trump is marking six months in office and cnn says he tweeted 991 times since inauguration day, january 20th, their number crunchers are keeping track of it all. president trump keeps up his twitter habits at their
5:37 pm
current levels he will tweet more than 8,000 times before the end of his first term, since he announced his campaign june 6th, event, 2015 , he has tweeted 9,146 times. we are following breaking news, kelly hodge has been selected as philadelphia's interim district attorney, board of judges made the decision just moments ago, the panel pick former prosecutor from a group of 13 candidates. hodge takes over for former d.a. seth williams who resigned last month after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. we will have much more on the new appointe on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. lincoln park singer chester bennington was found dead at his los angeles home, law enforcement says bennington hanged himself, the singer has struggled with drugs and alcohol, and his band found success in 2,000 with their album hybrid theory , lincoln park's latest album one more light was released in may and band was
5:38 pm
set to kick off a tour in boston next week. a startling crash end with six people injured and all captured on camera. >> as you can see from this video white car stopped on a highway ine china after missing an exit. cara approaching had in time to stop, and then slammed into it. amazingly no one was injured but driver's license was suspended. this rushing water was as a result of the water main break in missouri, crews responded to the 20-inch main rupture in glendale yesterday that left 20 residents and several businesses without water and caused flooding of homes in the surrounding area. water company officials say that they do in the know what caused the break. a local organization helped people beat heat in philadelphia today while giving back to a good cause. >> "eyewitness news" at olney rec center on eighth street for water ice fundraiser, event was hosted by philadelphia youth network, each icy cold treat only cost a buck, we are told all of the
5:39 pm
proceed benefit the make a wish foundation. well, that time of the year, lays offering new potato chips we will tell but the finger licking flavors. >> it is easy to log on to the first wifi that pops on your device but not so fast, experts are warning to you watch out. heavy equipment is out as wild fires quickly grow out west, what they look lake from space from the other side, chelsea. as we head in the weekend we are not going to get much in terms of the relief from the heat and humidity, we are still going to stay hot, humid with temperatures in the 90's and dew point up there so that will make it feel uncomfortable, both saturday and sunday. we will see sun from time to time mixing with cloud on both days and it will be unsettled as well for chance for showers
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next time you are out and about don't be so quick to connect with the first, wifi that pops up on your screen, better business bureau says scammers have figured out how to use public wif to you. steel your personal information like credit card numbers, even your identity, and here's what they do scam mers can set up wifi connections through a router that appears to have the same name, as the nearby business, hotel, or even airport. >> the scammers know that and they will set up one of these wifi hot spots to make it look like a legitimate wifi spot to get into. >> more wifi scams happened during summer because people are traveling so if you notice suspicious charges call your credit card company, your bank and the police. you may soon be saying alexa, wash my clothes. sears will start selling ken more appliances on amazon including smart appliances, that can be hooked up with amazon voice assesstent alexa.
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sears have been closing, liquidating stores so this opens up a new marketplace for sears to appliances. frito lay is rolling out new bold flavors, everything bagel, fried green tomatoes and crispy taco were all suggested by customers. new chips hit stores and store shelves next week, of course, lays wants you to tell them your favorite flavor, not the first time, however for crazy flavors. biscuits, gravy and ginger. >> everything bagel that is an interesting one. >> very, very. >> i'm a herrs guy, i try to do that. >> everything bagel. wild fires out west are so big, they can be seen
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thousands of fire fighters are trying to stop a quickly growing wild fire near yesemite national park in california. detwiler fire has burn 48,000
5:48 pm
acres and destroyed 29 buildings and threatens 1500 more, right now authorities say it is only 7 percent contained, shifting wind have made the fire fighting very difficult. >> hot shot crews behind, my property line, cutting, anything they can to keep the fire from coming in. >> dry at night, as much as during the day, so when you have the same burning conditions all the way 24 hours a day, it is hard to get in front of it. >> yesemite park remains opened but fire has income out power lines during what is peak tourist season. lets take a look at this fire is so bigot can be seen from space, this image from nasa, right now there is in word on how the fire started. nasa has just released stunning new video of the dazzling light show on the surface of the sun. it is much different then others in the past because less than nearly two hours last friday. scientists say that is an unusually long time, the solar
5:49 pm
flare was also pared with the eruption on a magnetic storm. if you cannot make it down the shore this weekend we have you covered, just take a road trip with us. we're going down the shore. >> summer fest heading to ocean city, new jersey tomorrow. we will check out beach, board and preview night in venice. it will be a lot of fun, it all starts tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a.m. and then i will be their life at 5:00 p.m. much contact us live near ocean city music pier, we will be live all night long, on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is right. meteorologist chelsea ingram, here now, so many people will be rushing, down the shore. >> you have to. >> to cool down. >> it should feel better down there tomorrow then it will here in philadelphia where we have more dangerous heat on the way. take a live look at center city. we are in this heat and humidity. that will be sticking around really through the end of the week and also into the weekend temperatures well be well in the 90's today and we have plenty of weather watchers
5:50 pm
checking in with the temperatures in the 90's at this hour. definitely very uncomfortable weather out there lets look at these numbers, we have plenty of people, saying it is well into the mid 90's in their neighborhood. peter in lawrenceville 95 degrees. allen says 98 in his backyard we have john in mullica checking in at 91. barbara in willow grove says it is 92. in cherry hill jenny says it is 95 degrees where she lives, so very hot weather. it was very hot across the delaware valley today. we will show you high temperatures in the region. in the atlantic city offerings high was 96 degrees. in philadelphia, 95 was official high temperature. trenton 95. we are in the low 90's for wilmington and wilmington. right around 39 degrees. of course it felt much warmer then that when we factor in the combination of the both heat and humidity. that is the same old song that we head into tomorrow, more dangerous heat on the way, and excessive heat warning in place for about 8:00 p.m.
5:51 pm
tomorrow evening. we could see heat index values upward of 105 degrees in many locations. temperatures right new are still checking in, well into the 90's. 94 degrees in philadelphia. ninety-three in wilmington. ninety-two allentown. ninety-four in trenton. ninety-four in atlantic city. ninety-four in wildwood. more comfortable in some locations like ocean city that sea breeze in the mid 80's but that is feeling much better compared to the city at this point in time. it feels like this when you factor in heat and humidity. feels like 99 in philadelphia still feeling in the triple digits for wilmington, millville, atlantic city, it feels like 100 degrees right now. we are tracking some storms, very strong line of storms, making its way in the poconos, right now we have severe thunderstorm warnings, that are in place for some locations including a carbon and monroe counties, until 6:30 p.m. we are talking about very strong, gusty wind upward of 60 miles an hour. also quarter sized hail
5:52 pm
possible with this storm as it continues to press through. moving south ande at around 35 to 40 miles an hour, so we have a severe thunderstorm watch because of this line of storms until 10:00 p.m. that includes philadelphia, points north, in north new jersey, new york, so we have a mess of storms heading our way we will track this for you. we could see thunder right here in center city between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. this evening but beyond there things quiet down significant ly as we head in the overnight hours tonight. it will be a warm one. we will not get a chance to cool down that much. we will start off your day with partly cloudy skies tomorrow morning and then it is another scorcher as we head in the afternoon. find a way to cool down go see a movie, head to the mall but get inside into air conditioning or go down the shore, and see our friend at summer fest tomorrow. sunshine, hot, 90 degrees. eighty-seven on saturday. we will have a storm chance as we head in the weekend. here's your forecast for overnight hours tonight crank up ac because we will be in the upper 70's to around 80 in
5:53 pm
the city with little relief. as we head into tomorrow, look for high of 96 degrees. dangerous heat and sunshine. you're witness weather seven day forecast looks like this. ninety-two on saturday. ninety-three sunday. we will watch for some strong storms saturday night. on monday 90. here's some heat, tuesday we are talking 80's in the forecast and wednesday is looking simply perfect, back to you. >> can i get a ahh. >> that is right. >> thanks. >> local students are, showing what it takes to be a detection dog handler. >> "eyewitness news" at penn vet working dog center in grays ferry for hand on training there. since activities like k-9 agility and obedience, program is part of the series of science and help summer camps organized by the university of pennsylvania. k-9 handlers programmer is in the fifth year. if you are a star wars fan wait until you see the new toy for kid, there is a good chance you might want one too.
5:54 pm
>> true. backlash over a wax figure of beyonce why people are angry and how madam toso explains the controversy all
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
and, fans of beyonce are upset saying madam toso's wax figure does not look like the singer. star wars fans will love, this, luke skywalker's thaw can drive, bex from our sister station 96.5 has it all in the hot minute. madam toso is defending a
5:58 pm
beyonce wax figure after allegations of whitewashing, the figure went viral after some fans, complained that it didn't look like the singer. rather resembled celebrities like lindsey lohan and cristina agholor a madam toso released a statement blaming it on lighting and flash photography saying our talented team take every effort to ensure that we accurately color match all of our wax figures to celebrity being depict. move over, power wheels a drivable star wars land speed er is here, radio flyer, they are begging for an adult version since it is 130-pound, but we can always, vicariously , do it with the kid. that is your hot minute i'm be x from 96.5. >> all i need is a white hotel robe, get me one of those, i'm on it. >> yes. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00.
5:59 pm
now at 6:00 a victim plea to let o.j. simpson go free. the man simpson was quick of robbing was instrumental in his parole hearing. what he said, that helped set the former football star on his path to freedom. a philadelphia lawsuit is filed by family of the man seriously injured nearly two years ago. how they say their lives were changed forever, and why they believe that all could have been prevented. >> chelsea? and, the heat, and severe thunderstorm watch, i'll let you know what you can expect and when we will get relief from the heat coming up. plus investigators back on the scene of solebury township farm where cosmo dinardo admitted to burying four men, and reason they were out in bucks county today. to second of the war years of my life and don't want any other family to have to go
6:00 pm
through what we have had to go through. a family's grief, their son seriously injured two years ago, now his old philadelphia fraternity is named in the lawsuit, and they are not the only won being sued, the suit filed today claims that life altering night could have gone much differently. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in powellton village with the details on that lawsuit, joe. >> reporter: public safety hearing is now guarding the fraternity house, we have reached out to, each of the defendants, here named and many had no idea that it even happened. those who did know, declined to comment. meanwhile allegations played out on this very street, two years ago and forever changed one man's life. december 2015 move in weekend at drexel and iain mcgiven was out with his brothers. they were at an all you can drink event at a delaware avenue bar after catching a cab back


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